Welcome to our Datenlotsen user conference 2016

Dear Sir/MadamOn behalf of Datenlotsen, we are pleased to invite you to our 2016-user conference in Hamburg. The conference will be held at the Empire Riverside Hotel on 25th-26th of February. In 2016, a new generation of software will be our focus for all activities at Datenlotsen. We will present our products and developments and we’d like to give you the opportunity to talk to our developers and product managers, and a chance to discuss your priorities.

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Stephan Sachse (Datenlotsen Informationssysteme GmbH) und Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Küchler

The signing took place on Tuesday 28th July 2015. Stephan Sachse (DatenlotsenInformationssysteme GmbH) and Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Küchler (Image: Heike Fischer/FHKöln)

Köln High School: Start of the design phase of the Campus Management System

28th July 2015. Köln High school has signed a contract with the Hamburg basedcompany Datenlotsen Informationssysteme GmbH kicking off the implementationphase of CampusNet. In preparation of this, the existing teaching and learningprocesses of the school have been analysed over the last few years. CampusManagement System will ultimately help to optimise the administrative processes ofthe organisation.

University of Neubrandenburg relies on Datenlotsen software solutions

Hamburg, 14.04.2015. By opting for CampusNet®, the University of Neubrandenburg has set the course tointroduce a modern and integrated Campus Management System. As a driving forcefor the economy and industry in the region, the university sends a clear message ofinnovation, service and quality.


University of Bremen introduces "CampusNet®" as their new management system for teaching* (studies) and learning.

Hamburg, 14.4.2015. Another large university, the university of Bremen, has opted to purchase softwarefrom Datenlotsen. In choosing “Campus Net®” to be their comprehensive CampusManagement solution, the University of Bremen has chosen a fully integrated systemto manage their admin and studies – superseding their existing fragmented andisolated systems from different providers.


High school of Communication and Design (HfK + G) counts on CampusNet®

The High School of Communication and Design (HfK + G), with its offices in Stuttgart
and Ulm, has proven that the decision to introduce CampusNet® has shown once
again, that the software solution from Hamburg company Datenlotsen is equally
suitable for private high schools as well as universities and colleges.