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    Get to know CampusNet® Academy: Our solution for the management of professional and private continuing education.

CampusNet® Academy

CampusNet® Academy is our solution for linking the demand for continuing education with the right offers. Our integrated software solution offers you support at every step, from the idea of a learning offer to billing and evaluation. Our software adapts to your individual needs.

Organizing education is complex

Planning, implementation and follow-up support pass through many hands

Offering educational events and comprehensive educational products always requires educational professionals to coordinate countless tasks and coordination steps. Specialist departments, external partners and suppliers, as well as trainers and customers communicate with each other. They often use different IT systems, exchange unstructured data and have to overcome system breaks and data mismatches on a daily basis.

Typically, there is a lack of

  • standardized communication channels
  • harmonized processes
  • feedback with a status overview
  • clear summaries
CampusNet® Academy simplifies the organization of education

Whether for in-house business or offers to external customers: Everyone uses the same system, finds the data and evaluations they need and communicates effectively. This makes it easy to organize education on a day-to-day basis. The integrated software manages the many tasks and supports targeted communication between those involved. The effort involved is reduced. Complexity becomes manageable.

Highlights at a glance: Intelligent software assistants and much more

For participants, administrators or IT departments: CampusNet® Academy makes everyone's work easier.

  • Through the order without a mouse click
    Automatic order processing saves a lot of time. CampusNet® Academy checks incoming data. If it is complete, customers are automatically navigated through the internal process. From the event to invoice generation. Manual reworking is only required in special cases. 80% of the data is processed fully automatically. Order processing automatically checks for duplicates, order completeness, contracts, discounts, quotas and blocked entries.

  • Who, what, where? Quickly clarified
    Once an event has been created, automatic assistants book rooms and suggest lecturers. The system pays attention to the qualifications of the lecturers and always keeps an eye on the costs. Assignments are made based on availability, ratings and proximity of potential lecturers to the event location.

  • Planning the year ahead
    Events for the coming year are automatically planned in the annual planning based on the last three years. The educational products are set up directly with suitable rooms. Among other things, the growth rate, high-turnover months, number of events, public holidays and closing times for each location are taken into account.

  • All contracts at a glance
    Order an entire contingent or negotiate discounts: All customer contracts are stored in CampusNet® Academy. Whether individual or corporate customers - nothing can be overlooked. If an event does not take place, discounts and prices are automatically transferred to the new event during the rebooking process. Via the customer portal, customers can clearly view all conditions and remaining quotas as well as the participants of their company.

  • A matter of opinion
    Don't search, find. CampusNet® Academy guides users directly to the relevant tasks in the system. No more long clicks and searches. Organized dashboards display all relevant event information, such as status and upcoming actions, in tiles. These views can be customized. This controls who sees which data in which process.

  • An integrated structure to grow into
    CampusNet® Academy is fast thanks to its integrated structure. Even with many events and a high number of participants, the software performs well and scales as required. CampusNet® Academy is suitable for 1,000 to 500,000 participants per year and grows with your company. If processes or responsibilities change, you can easily add additional features yourself, change the CI or adapt the roles. That is maximum flexibility.
Simply connected

With CampusNet® Academy, you can continue to use all your existing systems as they are connected via intelligent and bidirectional interfaces. Our flexibly configurable interfaces allow data and learning content to be managed in CampusNet® Academy, although processing takes place in the connected system. The unique added value: all employees use just one system - CampusNet® Academy.

Our system integrates efficiently into your software landscape. Existing components such as billing systems, LMS or websites can be easily connected and managed from CampusNet® Academy. As the code is 100% owned by Datenlotsen Education Systems GmbH, individual adaptations are also possible. The systems can be scaled as required thanks to the architecture. This means that the academy world can continue to grow together with you.

Next steps

We always install at least two systems. One test system and one production system. First, all peripheral systems are connected to the test system in order to check the interfaces. We migrate your existing data to CampusNet® Academy securely and reliably. All data is protected in accordance with the official guidelines of the GDPR. With over 20 years of experience, we are experts in interfaces and data migration. Setup on your infrastructure or in the cloud takes place in three phases: Setup, configuration and production phase.

  • Questions?

    Would you like to receive further information about our company, our products or services? Do you have a question or would you like us to call you back?

  • Questions?

    Would you like to receive further information about our company, our products or services? Do you have a question or would you like us to call you back?