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Quarterly Meeting with a Twist

Last week, the time had finally come: we were able to hold our quarterly meeting in person again. And this was not only possible because there were no more COVID-19 restrictions in our way, but mainly because our colleagues from near and far made their way to Hamburg. They came from our offices in Leipzig, Berlin, Switzerland, and even a large part of our Egyptian team joined us.

Since not only our quarterly meeting was scheduled, but also our Datenlotsen summer party, we decided to combine the two events. In the fantastic event location "Die Bucht" at Hamburg's Stadtpark, a unique kind of quarterly meeting took place: under the motto "Empower to Act," the management led us through the meeting and provided exciting insights for the future. Employees also had the opportunity to present their projects and topics and engage in discussions with their colleagues. This led to a lively exchange, which transitioned into a relaxed and cheerful summer party. It was a fantastic evening for the Datenlotsen, and even a few rain showers couldn't dampen the spirits – after all, we're in Hamburg!